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Serial tickler – The beginning of a psycho-thriller tickle story

Actress: Elizabeth
Role description: Elizabeth is playing a young student who has just started to study at the local university. As a student, she is in desperate need of money and is currently looking for a small job to earn some extra money.

This story begins on a summer day in the park when our Psycho Tickler searches for his first victim. A girl is walking in the park, she is talking on the phone with her step-mom and complains to her about financial difficulties. She passes him, he hears her conversation. He understands that this is the girl for his new “study.”
PT: Note one. Seems that I found a girl.

Elizabeth sits on a park bench and enjoys a beautiful summer day. He comes up to her with the camera and recorder turned on, and that confuses her a little. Once he is there a dialogue starts:
PT: Excuse me, miss. Do you have some time for a small interview for my studies?
E: I don’t have much time I’m searching for a new job and time is money so please hurry.
PT: Ah okay sure. I try to make it as fast as possible. I’m doing a survey about body reactions and I need some input from other students so I can finish it.
E: Aha. Ok, what do you want to know?
PT: First of all. How old and how tall are you?
E: *Giving him the answers*
PT: And what shoe size do you wear?
E: * Giving him the answer* Why do you need to know that? What kind of survey is that?
PT: Sorry I didn’t make these questions up. So my next question sounds a little strange but my studies about body reactions also involve tickling. So are you ticklish?
E: Okay now it is getting weird. I’ll go now.
PT: No please wait you said you need a job maybe I can help you. I can give you some money if you participate in my survey and it really doesn’t take long what do you say?
E: Money sounds good. How much?
PT: Shows her money.
E: Okay. What do you want to know?
PT: Are you ticklish and if so where are you ticklish?
E: Of course I’m ticklish. Who isn’t? Well, the usual spots I guess. Armpits, ribs my feet.
PT: And where most would you say?
E: Feet I guess. Gosh, these are really weird questions.
PT: Have you ever been tied up and tickled?
E: No of course not. What a strange idea is that? That would be !
PT: And your feet. Did anybody ever lick them or sucked on your toes?
E: Okay creep this is enough. I’ll go now. I don’t care about money.

Elizabeth interrupts the interview and leaves, letting him know that he is a crazy freak. This hurts his pride, and he decides not to confine himself only to an interview with her.
After a short time, Elizabeth goes home and suddenly someone pounces on her from behind in a deserted lane. It was him. He knocks out the poor girl and drags her into his car, puts her in the trunk, and takes her to his dungeon. It is there that he will begin his crazy research…

We see the car arriving at the dungeon of the Psycho Tickler. He carries Elizabeth to his place and lies her on the floor. Then he begins to undress her jacket and pullover so she is in her T-Shirt. Then he is removing her shoes and sniffs them. Then he is sniffing at her socked feet and slowly removes the socks too. He licks her feet and sucks her toes while she’s still out. Then he carries her and ties her to a bench with her arms above her head and her feet tied together. Then he ballgags her and brings a tablet with many tickle torment tools on it like oil, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, etc.

PT wakes Elizabeth up – she is in total horror and tries to break free. PT tells her she is now his plaything and he can do whatever he wants.
– Remember the questions about tickle ? Well, now you can experience it first hand.
He tickles her upper body intensely…
After some tickling time Elizabeth catches her breath:
PT: Now we play a little game. If you can stay quiet and try to block off the tickling sensations I will set you free. If not you lose a piece of clothing every time you laugh.
Elizabeth is trying to fight off the tickling sensation while PT is brutally tickle her upper body but she loses and she loses her t-shirt and her jeans so that she is only in her underwear at the end.
PT is going out of the room for the toilet as Elizabeth is still tied up in her underwear. She is able to lose her bondage and removes her ballgag and tries to escape but as she hits the door PT is back and knocks her out with cloth again.

Then we see hogtied Elizabeth and the PT is approaching from behind.
PT: I remember you said your feet were the most ticklish. Let’s see if that is true.
He begins some tickle with fingers, toothbrushes, etc. After some time he plays the “Stay silent” game also with her feet. She has to be silent while he tickler her soles and licks them. After she is unable to fight off the laughing sensations for a while he makes her rest again.

Then we see Elizabeth completely wrapped with tape so only her feet and her breasts and her head are sticking out of the cocoon. She’s lying on the bench. The last part of her is intense soles and upper body tickling around her breasts. After this torment, he makes her rest again and leaves a message on her soles:
Foot 1: You taste delicious
Foot 2: My ticklish bitch

…In the end, Elizabeth wakes up at home. She doesn’t feel well after a nightmare. She comforts herself with thoughts that this is just a dream. However, an inexorable desire makes her check her soles and she sees with horror that the same phrase from her nightmare is written on her feet in reality: “You taste delicious, my ticklish bitch”.

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