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Sexy Sole Slapping with Dolce Vandela

Lovely Czech model Dolce Vandela is enjoying some quiet time by the pool when something strange interrupts her relaxation. When she feels a tongue on her feet she suspects a loose pet in the area, but all she finds is the pool cleaner. He denies doing anything at first, but she insists on interrogating him and he finally breaks. When he attempts to leave she tells him that if he’s going to act like a mutt then he’s going to be treated like a mutt. Dolce makes the pool boy get on his knees and lick her feet clean like an obedient little puppy. She knows her feet smell from all the walking she did in the morning, but this foot loving freak licks them like it’s the best flavor ever. She toys with him for a while, even shoving her foot deep into his mouth, but when she realizes he’s getting overly excited she cuts him off and sends him away. Nobody is going to mistreat Dolce Vandela and get away without punishment.

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