Slender Sexy Soles with Goddess Honey

Length – 06:53

Gorgeous Goddess Honey is about to receive the best foot worship of her young life. Foot Patrol licks her full sweet sole from heel to toes, and then twists his tongue between each and every one of her long toes to be sure he doesn’t miss a spot. Honey smiles with contentment as she enjoys the full royal treatment. She tells Foot Patrol how she likes to have her toes sucked and the tips of her toes nibbled. He does it exactly how she wants it. He sucks her slender heels deep into his mouth to savor the flavor of her exquisite feet. Foot Patrol simply cannot get enough of those incredibly long, sexy brown toes. He slurps and swirls with his tongue like a toddler who’s found his favorite piece of candy. Mmmmmm!!  There is no doubt about how she got her name. Goddess Honey is enjoying having her feet pampered by a real foot guy and her level of ecstasy is second only to the plateau where Foot Patrol now resides. I don’t think this guy will ever get tired of Goddess Honey.

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