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Snowing on your Face

As you know, my slave is a foot lover! foot sucker, foot bitch, foot licker, foot sniffer etc.  He loves my nice soft soles and my perfect toesI’m going to teach him how I keep my feet this pretty and soft. As a foot lover you have to know that, right?

I did the first part of my pedicure on his face … I started with my foot file. I made him lay down under my feet and to make sure the dust from my feet falls right in his mouth. I used a mouth opener so he cannot reject any piece of my feet dust. At first I started to gently moisten my feet and rub it with the filer …then I started doing it faster and stronger … all the time on his face … from one moment to another the magic begins …. It begins to snow on his face and his mouth … he’s to keep his mouth open while the ded skin of my soles falls  on him… it must be delicious for someone to have the pleasure of eating my dead skin right?

Every time it starts falling more and more … the more I rubbed my soles the more skin falls on it … it looks delicious … it seems like it was snowing on his face hahaha … then I did it with my other foot and everything kept falling on him, I stopped for a while to make him eat and lick everything around him and the foot filer… then I continued with everything on his face …  at the end you can see his whole face full of my skin … I recoded it from my POV and made him eat it by and I laughed at its face.

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