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Length - 14:02 -
Definition - 720P

Soa Gets Her Revenge on the Hyper Ticklish Malina

This is now revenge time for Soa on her hyper ticklish friend.
What a nice duo because both girls are hysterically ticklish and both are particulary sadistical so each girl endures a merciless tickling from her friend.
Soa has a lot of fun with Malina’s bare feet, legs and upperoby and the poor ticklee is out of control at some moments especially when the FT Tickler joins the action for some four hands punishment.

This clip is mostly F/F tickle action but there is some FM/F tickling for a total hysteria and particulary when they discover how ticklish Malina’s legs are.
These girls are the best tickle toys you can dream because they really suffer the tickles even if they enjoy it and their reactions are awesome.
Exotic girls lose control under tickle torture, It’s a certainty.

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