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Fitness Girls Battle – 2 ticklers vs 2 ticklees

Young fitness beauties will now tickle their girlfriends.
Well, on the bed arena Tanya and Janna vs Elena and Rimma!

The ticklers lie on the bed showing their bare feet, they are at the feet of their friends-ticklees. They will tickle them with hands and some devices (here you will see the alternation of 2 cameras and picture-in-picture).
Ticklers’ attack is merciless – girls shout out loud from the tickling and constantly shouting crazy phrases. Girls tickles using their nails and brushes, flashing their beautiful feet at the same time.

Then they sit on top of their girlfriends and continue to them. The girls say something dirty and tickle beautiful feet or their friends. It looks very sexy. Gentle Tatyana is trying to tickle her friend so delicacy, and Jeanne tickles with a ferocious look.
At the end, the girls tickle their girlfriends sitting on top of them – upper body tickling.

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