Sock Blocking with Annika Eve


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Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend encounters Annika Eve out in public wearing socks with sandals.  This is a major violation as it not only conceals the female’s feet, but also interferes with the performance of the foot inspector’s duties.  A charge of this magnitude demands an immediate on-the-spot inspection.  Legend finds that Annika’s slender size seven feet are salvageable and suggests seeking an immediate remedy at a local nail salon.

Once the pedicure deficiency is corrected, Annika only has to pass a final inspection and submit the $300 fine.  Unable and unenthusiastic to pay that ridiculous amount, the scheming young lady uses the public servant’s love of pretty female feet against him.  Archer is caught with his pants down as the quick thinking Annika Eve kicks back at his authority and attempts to smear the inspector’s…reputation.

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