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Length - 06:10 -
Definition - 1080P

Suck the Cute Out of My Feet with Cecilia Lion

Petite beauty Cecilia Lion is having her gorgeous tiny feet worshiped. She says it’s her first time ever having a man do this to her feet. Her perfect little toes are so sensitive, she squirms from the tickling sensation caused by Archer Legend’s tongue and teeth, but she doesn’t pull away. Cecilia is overwhelmed with how incredible it is to have her feet worshiped and she is genuinely impressed with how deep Archer can put her slender foot into her mouth.

Cecilia giggles as she observes how he gnaws her sweet feet like he’s trying to clean the meat off a rib bone. They share a happy banter while he does his very best to devour every delicious inch of wonderful feet meat offered by Cecilia Lion.

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