Agata Sushi girl Licking and tickling her body


Length – 26:25

Agata lies on a massage table like a sushi girl – sushi and rolls are laying on her body. Alla comes in and she wants to eat them all.
Alla slowly eats sushi with chopsticks and then tickles Agata with them. Then she eats a roll right from her belly.

Alla eats and at that time tickles Agata, who is tightly bound. When all sushi is finished, Alla plays with Agata’s boobs. She bites and licks her nipples, and then tickles Agata until madness. Then, Alla sits on top of Agata and tickles her body and armpits using her feet. Then he sits on top and tickles Agatha’s body again.
After that, Alla turns to Agata’s feet and tickles them with her nails. She takes the cream and smears Agata’s toes to lick them.

Then Alla goes back to Agata’s big boobs – she smears them with cream and licks. Then she tickles her sweaty armpits again. In the end, Alla licks the last drop from her armpit and leaves Agata alone.

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