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Exorcism of laughter – Incessant tickling of extremely ticklish Ulyasha

By Dero

Ulyasha is terrybly ticklish and now she is one of the most sensitive models who is ticklish everywhere. She is even afraid of the approaching hands. This time we decided to play Exorcist and to expel the Devil of Laughter from her…
Ulyasha is tied up on the cross in only panties and rags. A priest approaches her, muttering something and carrying a candle, darkness and tension reign everywhere. He starts tickling her body slightly. And the girl is already falling into agony. He trears her shirt and her whole young body is in his power – he is ready to tickle her everywhere and fingering his young body, tickling all her ticklish places. Ulyasha laughs without stopping, she almost suffocates.

The priest’s assistant brings a torch to eradicate the evil and then engages in tickling of her feet with large feathers. From such a tickle, Ulyasha goes mad, begs and screams… The Devil of Laughter comes out, exhausting the body of the young beauty.

While the priest reads a prayer aggressively and calls out to heaven, the girl is tickled everywhere by four hands.
The exhausted Ulyasha asks for mercy and it would seem that the demon is gone, but there’s no confidence and the tickling continues…

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