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Taylor & Brianna’s First Foot Fetish Experience – Extended Version

Taylor and Brianna also heard about that crazy sweaty socks challenge so they both wanted to give themselves a chance to win that bet! They both have worn the same pair of socks for a couple of days in a row now and they are totally curious to know if this loser slave will be able to deal with their sweaty feet in his face for thirty minutes? If not? They both get a two hundred dollars bonus! Taylor needs to make sure the rules are clear so the girls both take their boots off now to cover his face with their sweaty socks!

They were totally smelly so they just can’t stop laughing and rub them all over his face! Brianna also bring her shoes from the job so she makes him sniff them and lick the inside! Why don’t take maximum advantage of this loser slave? The girls really makes fun at him now so they both take their socks off to wash them into his mouth! They take pleasure to rub their smelly bare feet all over his face and make him lick the sweaty bottom of their soles! Both girls are hot as hell! The extended version of this clip contains twenty minutes of smelly socks humiliation and another ten minutes bare feet! Half an hour of pure and intense pleasure! Very Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)

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