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Length - 10:10 -
Definition - 720P

The Asian Ticklee Is Hogtied and Tickled Silly

The extremely ticklish asian is back and hogtied for a new tickling session on the table. She can’t move at all and her ticklish feet and sides are totally vulnerable for a merciless punishment. Thian absolutely hates to be tickled because she can’t stand it and she always comes back for money then the tickler has a sadistical pleasure to drive her crazy each time. The girl needs money and the guy needs ticklish feet then the poor thian has to endure the tickle without any way to stop it.

Thian really suffers at each session and this is exactly what the tickler love to see especially when the tickling becomes totally intolerable for the girl. A nice hogtied tickle with a deliciously ticklish asian student!

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