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Length - 07:11 -
Definition - 720P

The Beautiful Maïa’s Is Tickled to Exhaustion!

THE BEAUTIFUL MAÏA IS BACK FOR MORE UPPERBODY TICKLE ! This video is the last part of a very intensive new tickling session and she was very tired then you’ll really see her tickled to exhaustion here… Till she can’t take one more second of tickle . Maïa is very sexy and she’s really extremely ticklish all over but she HATES to be tickled this is why you can see the suffering on her face between the laughs.

She’s tickled by the very sadistical ALisea & Constance who have so much fun with the girl but it is so unbearable for the poor Maïa at some moments that the girls feel uncomfortable with the situation. A truly ticklish girl really pushed out of her limits, till she she cannot laugh anymore.

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