The beautiful Sandrine is back in the hands of Veronique


Length : 15:00

The beautiful blonde Sandrine is back to experiment face down tickle torture in the hands of the sadistic Veronique. Sandrine is so sexy with her black high heels that Veronique begins to tickle her bare soles with her shoes on.
After a little fun in this way she removes her sexy shoes and begins the serious tickle torture.

Sandrine is extremely ticklish on every inch of her body and she starts to laugh immediately at the slightest touch on her soles.
Veronique is absolutely merciless as usual and she gives the maximum of tickling on her helpless soles, toes, sides, hips, neck and underarms.

Sandrine’s reactions are great and she really struggles with unstoppable laughters and without any possibilities to escape the brushes and the tickling fingers.

Veronique loves to tickle girls especially when they absolutely can’t stand to be tickled like here with this awesome super ticklish beauty.

This is a memorable female/female tickling action with two sexy girls who have so much fun.

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