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Length - 22:59 -
Definition - 1080P

Tickle casting for 4 girls Quadruple tickling in stocks

Four girls came to a delicate casting. From left to right – Veronica – Lena – Vita – Nadin (meaning the primary location of the girls at the beginning of the video).
At the beginning, the girls greet us and give us their names. All of them are dressed in sportswear and will now show off their legs. They throw their socks on the table and I tickle every girl. Their legs are ticklish enough – Veronica is a lipped model girl who reacts with restraint to tickling, but then she will be liberated. Lena is a very emotional and rather sensitive, melancholic girl – but she is not shy about her phobia.

Vita – with an Asian appearance, the girl claimed that she was not at all ticklish, but she would be very tickled on her pretty dark heels.
Vita is very beautiful and the most charming girl will talk about her emotions all the time – she has very even feet that were pleasant to tickle and torment.
Then, after a little casting, I put the girls in big triple pads and Vita is to the right of the pads in soft handcuffs. I will tickle them in turn, finding out the reaction of each and you can decide who you liked more.

As it was said, all the girls were tickled enough but the sexiest reaction in my opinion was from Nadine.
The girls’ heels were quite well-groomed and sexy, each had a similar foot size.
Then I took the oil and tickled them after that using brushes and a mitten.
Now, having moved the camera to a large view, I tickle in turn – Veronica and Lena.
And then Vitu and Nadine.

It’s very interesting to watch the girls’ reactions. Now the camera is positioned to the side, capturing the general view and I torture the girls’ heels with an electric brush.

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