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The day when Olesya didn’t mind to be robbed

The story

Olesya is a young agent under training. She is quite good with her skills and she could handle most of the normal men. But inside she has a secret – she loves to be submissive, to be bound really tight and gagged, and to be in the hands of her capturer.
Olesya has been lonely lately. She broke up with her boyfriend more than three months ago, but because of her busy schedule, she didn’t have the strength and time to start a new relationship, she needed a man and tired of being alone.
One day Olesya came back from her training. She was wearing just like a college student, with jeans, blouse, socks, and sneakers. She went back to her apartment and opened the door. There was a man in a mask, right in front of her. Both of them were shocked…

“Stay where you are!”
The man grabbed Olesya and pressed her against the wall. From his moves, Olesya knew the man was not a trained agent but a normal man and she could take him out easily. But she did not do that. She wanted to see how the story goes.
“Why you come home so early! Damn you should be home at 9:00! Oh, this is my first robbery and you ruined it! Now, what should I do?” The man was very upset.
Olesya immediately knew who the man was. He was just a young man from the nearby farm. His brain was not fully developed because of some illness, so he was a bit dumb.
“He just came here for quick money.” Olesya thought and decided to have a “game” with him.
Olesya said: “Just, just don’t hurt me and calm down. I’ll cooperate. You can tie me up, and make me quiet, so you can still steal things as if I am not here. You could find ropes and a gag ball under my bed.”
The man got the ropes and started tying her. Surprisingly this man was really good with the ropes, and tied Olesya on her bed, with a really tight and sexy hogtie.
“You are really good with ropes, oh…” Olesya moaned.
“Of course, I worked on the farm nearby, you know.” The man was proud, not knowing that he already gave himself out. Olesya wanted to laugh but managed to hold it back. The man then gagged Olesya with the gag ball – really tight. Olesya started drooling. Then the man checked Olesya’s bondage and went to find wealthy stuff. Meanwhile, Olesya was slightly struggling, moaning, and drooling. The man’s bondage was good and Olesya was struggling and enjoying.

After about 10 minutes, the man came back and ungagged Olesya. “I found a good stuff, and I am running away.” The man said. “Okay, please just leave me here and don’t hurt me”, Olesya said.
“Nah, I don’t hurt girls – but you look smart, and you might escape. …Hm…” The man was thinking, and Olesya looked at him, helplessly.
“Okay, I will make you exhausted before leaving, so you do not have the power to get out.” The man said.
He took off Olesya’s sneakers. Olesya was out all day, so her socks were sweaty. The man took off her socks slowly, and then put it near Olesya’s mouth. Olesya hesitated for a bit and then opened her mouth. The man shoved the socks into her mouth and secured it with transparent film.
Then the man tied Olesya’s toes together. He started tickling Olesya, her feet, her body, her breast – all over her body. Olesya was ticklish, but she could do nothing but let the man work on her.
Then the man got the Magic Wand under Olesya’s bed. He used the vibrator on her a little bit and also continued tickled the girl. Olesya was moaning and struggling, and also enjoying. “This man was born to do this…” Olesya thought, almost high.
After this, Olesya was completely exhausted. But it was not over. The man grabbed one of her sneakers and tied it to her face. So Olesya has to taste her socks and smell her sweaty sneaker.
“Goodbye, my girl, see you!” The man left Olesya there, hogtied, exhausted, humiliated and satisfied.

The story Olesya is a young agent under training. She is quite good with her skills and she could handle most of the normal...

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