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The Sexy Kenzie Bursts Out on the Table : Upperbody Tickling

Luna introduced us the beautiful and very sexy 18 years old Kenzie for the first tickling experience of her life. Kenzie loves crazy experiences and she was very interested by the idea to be strongly immobilized and pushed to her ticklish limits. Her very beautiful feet are a real temptation for a feet tickler especially when we know how ticklish they are. The girl introduces herself during the first minute of the clip then she is strongly immobilized on the table for a merciless tickle with three ticklers

. Luna and two guys are decided to be merciless with the poor ticklee and she’s so ticklish everywhere that it will not be difficult to get crazy reactions. Kenzie is a very fun girl with electrical reactions at the slightest touch on her sexy body. The ticklers team begin the punishment with her helpless upperbody. They tickle her belly, sides, ribs, underarms and neck with their sadistical fingers. Luna LOVES to tickle her friend and she is 100% merciless with her even if she begs her to stop to tickle her. Kenzie is so ticklish with so explosive reactions that Luna or the FT tickler must hold the table on the floor. This is a VERY INTENSIVE tickling session with a NEW HORRIBLY TICKLISH 18 YEARS OLD MODEL.

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