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The Tickle Dungeon – Mistress Iraida mocks her slave

By Dero. Made by request

Part 1: The New Slave

Mistress: Iraida (M)
Outfit: white pants, white heels, white top
Tickling tools: big feather, really tiny paintbrush, long nails

Slave: Lolly (L)
Outfit: depend on the scenes
Nail polish: red hands and feet

M is a very well known slave owner in Russia. She usually buys slaves for her private collection. She likes buying girls she can use as cleaning ladies, laundry girls, and mostly sexual or feet slaves. She bought L as a slave. She bought it for a lot of money because she is beautiful and very obedient.

Scene 1: Basement in stocks and toe tied

L outfit: jeans, white top, bare feet

L is bound in the basement, hands tied behind her back, she is ballgagged and she is sitting in the dirt, her feet are dirty, and she has a leash with a collar attached to the wall.
M comes in the room, and she goes to L.
M: Welcome to your new house slave, from now you are going to be my pet, and you will do everything I asked. If you don’t, you will be punished. Do you understand?
L : (moves her head saying yes)
M: good, let’s start
M sits on a chair, takes off her heels, her feet are sweaty and smelly, and she put her feet under L’s nose to her to smell. She asks her to smell them good. After a minute of smelling, M says:
M: good girl. Your former master told me that the worst punishment for you was tickle And I really like tickling my slaves. So let’s go for a big session.
L: (moves the head to say no and beg)
M doesn’t give a damn of her begs. She makes her stand up, untie her collar from the wall, and take her from her collar to the chair. She is sitting on a chair, and her feet are locked in stocks, and her toes are tied.
M begins to tickle L’s feet with her long nails. She tickles slowly, and cruelly. L is laughing a lot and begging. Then, M uses a really tiny paintbrush, spread L’s toes one by one to tickle between them.
After a long tickling session, M ungag L, L is begging for mercy, for no more M laughs, and say that this was just a start, she is going to bring her now to her room. L moans, and please again.

Scene 2: The Room 

L outfit: straightjacket, leather style black legging, clean barefeet

M has make L change her clothes and clean her feet. Then she brings her to her room. In this room, L is bound on a table, on her knees, face down, ass up, and feet tied separately on the table. M enters the room, and L beg her again. M laugh and take down L’s leggings and panties. L asks what’s going on, M says that she is going to her ass. L begs again.
M put some oil on L’s feet, hold her toes back strictly, and tickle slowly her soles and toes with her nails, with almost no moving.
After this cruel session, M untie L and bring her to another device.

Part 3: The final

L’s outfit: Straightjacket, panties, clean barefeet

L is still wearing straightjacket and panties. She lies on her back and her feet are tied and suspended, toes are tied. M tickles her feet and ass again.
M starts tickling her ass again, and then, M goes back to the feet, and use the hard side of a big feather, to tickle L’s soles, heels and between the toes. Then she uses her nails again.
For the end, M untie L from the device, take off the ballgag, and brings L to the basement again. She put her collar back, tied to the wall, and L is down on the floor. M asks if she liked today’s L says no, and beg for being released. M says that it was the beginning, and next time, the will be crueler.

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