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The Tickle Table – Jessa Flux and Miss Celine

Ive gotten to work with some pretty cool people 🙂

This time, I had a pro domme in Miss Celine (all the way from Canada no less) and a B horror actress with Jessa! Pretty neat yeah? So Jessa finds herself bound and trapped on the tickle table, then Celine starts in. For those who like to see it on the more sensual side, you see Celine warm her up, testing her reactions (or as I saw it: playing with her food) and the intensity amps up from there.

A lot of things happened throughout this clip: Celine made Jessa call her ‘mistress’, was panting, then losing her mind with laughter, she was double teamed, mounted, and multiple tools, fingers, and long black nails used on her.

Celine made her beg for it to stop but despite her begging, it didn’t cease for a painfully long time.

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