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The Tickler Drives Nono Insane on the Device

This is now Nono’s turn to experiment our new device and she’s strongly immobilized for a new tickling session. The clip is 75% bare feet 25% upperbody tickle torture then you’ll enjoy Nono tickled silly on all her most ticklish spots.

Nono’s bare feet are VERY sensitive to the feathers then the Tickler begins in this ways during the first minutes of the session then he attacks the soles and toes with fingers and brushes. The poor girl explodes in laughter as usual without any ways to escape the punishment and this is absolutely great to watch.

After the bare feet tickle torture the guy tickles her sides and underarms without mercy. Nono was particulary more ticklish than usual this day and the guy doesn’t stop tickling her until she’s totally exhausted. Do you really love to see Nono becoming insane ? If yes this clip is without a doubt for you!

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