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This Is Time for Sindy’s Revenge on Hyper Ticklish Alexx

Definition - 720P
Length - 20:01


After enduring an extremely intensive punishment in the stocks this is now revenge time on the hyper ticklish Alexx.
She is strongly immobilized in the stocks in return and at the mercy of Sindy who is totally decided to give her exactly what she endured a few minutes ago.

Alexx’s entire body is super ticklish and Sindy has a lot of fun with her crazy reactions especially when she attacks her helpless soles and toes with some special tools.

The ticklee can’t move at all and more she laughs more Sindy increases the level of the tickling till she goes crazy in the stocks.
What a fantastic F/F tickle session with merciless revenge and hysterical ticklish laughters.

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