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Tickle Ameliya’s belly on the cross – torture her belly button with ice and deep licking

Definition - 1080P
Length - 23:39


Ameliya lies on a cross in a blouse and jeans, her arms and legs are fixed, and now we will focus on her belly. I tickle her stomach, lightly stroke and press around the belly button, and then unbutton her blouse and jeans. Next, I run an ice cube over her stomach. Then massage her tummy.
I pull off her jeans and tickle around the armpits and abdomen. Then I run an ice cube over her stomach and take a close-up of her belly button with ice inside. Tickling her belly and belly button.
Next, I bite Ameliya’s belly, lick her navel deeply and tickle her armpits at this time.
Then I tickle Ameliya’s armpits, again we see a close-up of her navel licking and again ice is placed in her navel. While the ice is melting, I tickle Ameliya. I massage her belly and slap it.
Again I lick her belly button, then I tickle Ameliya’s while she arches from torment.
In POV, I tickle Ameliya’s body, and then I take oil and rub it on her stomach. I massage her stomach and tickle Ameliya’s body heavily, and in the end, I clap her stomach again.

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