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Leya and Tonya in an awkward situation. Tickle and not be tickled !

Length - 11:36
- 1080P -
Published 15 July, 2022

Leya and Tonya are tied together in a crazy position. Leya’s every wrist are tied with a duct tape to each Tonya’s ankle. Similarly, each Tonya’s wrist is connected to each Leya’s ankle. At this pose, the girls are doomed to tickle each other’s feet. So they do!
It’s a pleasure to watch the process, Leya and Tonya are determined to defeat each other. They have a lot of fun and laugh all the time. The main fun is that their roles (tickler and ticklee) are changing all the time.
This challenge turned out quite short because of its intensity and the girls have become completely exhausted when it was over. Enjoy!

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