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Tickle Table Vengeance – Nayru

You know….the more I switch with subs, the more I call bullshit when they say they aren’t remotely a dom. Because the truth is, when given the dom role….

They’re without mercy.

Such is the case with Nayru. This is her second visit and I switched with her during her first stay. That time in my chair, but this time on the table. The chair event was bad enough, but this was worse. How? Well I’ll tell you how. Like Irene, I felt owned. How? Well when a girl, especially a strong one – not only has you under complete control, but then mounts you to work you – its a humbling feeling.

She took complete control, like every other ‘sub only’ has done in the past. When I edited this and saw her relaxing and smiling while tickling me, it was both fun and enraging at the same time lol

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