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Tickle Trophy Vengeance – Lil Mizz Unique

Definition - 1080P
Length - 13:44


know I say how bad each of these are (cause…they ARE for me) but this was extra terrible because of the position. I didn’t look while editing but i know i was drooling IN the panel gag.

Unique is a sweet girl and a great model. She comes off as a sub though ive never actually asked her. But that aside, I can say she’s certainly got dominant within her. This was awful because she’s discovered the ‘light’ touch. I warned her prior that tools didn’t do much on me, except that new white vibrating pronged hell.

I told her grudgingly that nails were best and kept light. I wondered why she started grabbing from the goodie box but then realized when she started that she kept her wits about her and kept light with all of it.

It sucked. The entire time i suffered and was truly stuck in place, face down, panel gagged with a ball inside. At one point I said i was crying. She didn’t give a fuck and kept on rolling. Toward the end she said she was done. LIE. It went on another 3 or 4 minutes.

Enjoy you bastards.

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