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Tickling Fantasies With a Real Ticklish Dancer

We have a tickling fantasie with a real ballet dancer for a long time and we remembered that our sexy Lisabeth is a real dancer so we asked her for a special session with her outfit and ballerinas shoes.
We love Lisabeth because she’s as sensitive as she’s beautiful and she loves being tickled on her most sensitive spots.
To fulfill our fantasie we strongly immobilized her on a bedspring for a very long session with 50% upperbody and 50% feet tickling.

Lisabeth can’t move at all while the efficient fingers and tickle tools run on her most ticklish areas.
You’ll enjoy the complete ballerina shoes removel for each foot with close-ups and general view on the feet tickling action.
A tickling fantasie with a real ticklish ballet dancer ? This session is for you!

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