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Tickling hyper sensitive barefoot Mara in the car in summer days – Don’t bite my feet and armpits!

Definition - 1080P
Length - 18:06


It’s a hot summer day and Mara wears a short top emphasizing her breasts and short shorts. She is barefoot. Sweating a little on a warm day, she became more sensitive and very ticklish.

Stage 1. Sitting in the front seat with hands tied behind.
I tickle Mara all over her body and armpits, getting close to her waist. She reacts violently and laughs. I also use a claw glove to test Mara’s reaction – she goes crazy by tickling claws. Then I tickle her everywhere again – I take an electric brush and tickle her in hard-to-reach places, and then bite Mara’s armpit, which makes her mad.

Stage 2. Tickling Mara sitting on a seat with outstretched legs.
Mara is not tied and reacts to feet tickling while sitting – I tickle her with a short twig and watch her laugh. Then I use my hands and an electric brush.

Stage 3. Mara lies with her hands tied.
At this time, in POV mode, I tickle her feet. Now the camera is in a static position and we see how I bite her toes eagerly. Next, I am in the car and tickle Mara’s body, as well as the hips and feet, armpits. Then I get back to her feet and we see how I tickle them and bite.

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