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Tickling idea with Iraida – Four tickling hands of mimes


Length - 13:54
- 1080P -
Published 4 August, 2020

Iraida is standing with her hands tied to a ceiling. On the background, there’s just black cloth – nothing can distract your view from the ticklee.
She wears jeans and a short shirt. This is a nice ticklish idea – four unknown hands appear from behind and tickle Iraida all over her body. She doesn’t know when they will stop and where they will tickle her.

We see Iraida from a general plan, she’s laughing and wiggles as four hands tickle her sensitive places – ribs, sides, armpits.
In the next scene, Iraida sits with her feet facing the camera. She gets more tickling from behind on her upper body and also on her soles. They tickle her by hands, massager, and toothbrushes.

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