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Tickling tanned beauty Roksana in the car – Do you really want to stop?

By Dero

Roksana for the first time in my car – she looks great and ready to be tickled. We settled down by the road after the rain. She sits with her eyes closed and feels a tickle on her feet which are stuck out of the car window. I tickle her feet through socks. Roksana reacts sexually and laughs. Then we see POV shooting where I take off one of her socks. I tickle her beautiful foot and then take off the other sock.
Now I want to slightly bite her feet – it tickles a lot for her. Next, you’ll see several angles of tickling her feet.
Now I tie Roksana’s hands at the car-seat and I tickle her upper body. She is wildly ticklish under her arms and her sexy belly is trembling from my touches. I even try to bite her armpits.
Then we again see POV filming – I her armpits (they are very deep and delicate) and tight tummy. Then I ask her to put her feet closer and tickle them.
Now I want to deceive her and pretend to stop but attack again. And so a couple of times…

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