Ultra ticklish Roxy goes crazy on the table



Length : 16:00

The hyper ticklish 22 years old student is strongly tied on the table and mercilessly tickled by Camily. The FT Tickler shows her some techniques and he joins the action at some moments but this session is mostly F/F tickle torture.

Camily tickles Roxy’s upperbody during the first 6 minutes of the clip and after that she’s merciless with her helpless feet till the end of the session.
Roxy becomes crazy on the table without any way to stop the tickling on her most sensitive spots.

It tickles too much and she is laughing hysterically but the tickling doesn’t stop.
Look at her face and you will see her suffering even if she enjoys it.
Two fun and sexy girls what we love to see them do.

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