Tom is the Most Ticklish Boy we ever had !


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Céline has been tortured by her friends in every way possible, and she’s damn ready to take a well deserved revenge ! Tom is the next one to be strapped on the bed. This video first was a custom order (and we thank our dear customer for that ;-D) but Tom’s reactions are that good that we couldn’t keep it for us ! He simply is the most ticklish boy I’ve ever seen getting tickled, as the title says. His stomach, his armpits, his sides, his knees, his feet … every inch of his body makes him absolutely hysterical once tickled ! Tom did not know he was that ticklish, despite the audition that clearly showed it.

But now, he’s strapped, defenseless, and tickled by both the girls and the tickler ! Apolline and Céline take turn while torturing his poor body, he struggles harder and harder and he eventually breaks a strap, only with his pure hysteric strength ! Well … that requires some more tickle torture, don’t you think so ? His feet get a good time : Céline is playing rodeo on his leg in order to avoid him to move when Apolline tickle the hell out of his right foot ! This is a very funny moment, yet torturous for the poor, ticklish Tom !

If you like to see a big brave man getting tickle tortured behind his limits, then this vid is for you ! It includes some BTS moments since you all seem to enjoy them a lot 😉 ! Hope you’ll like this one too !

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