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Totally Helpless – Paige Turner pt.1

I enjoy pushing new limits. I thought No Safeword was intense (well…it IS, ask anyone who has done it) but I wanted more, because YOU want more! I give you a new series – Totally Helpless. First up on the table is a girl I hadn’t worked with prior but was very interested! Paige Erin Turner. And what a PERFECT candidate. Gorgeous feet, great bondage model, and she LOVED it! Encased, and strapped. I gag her mouth, blindfold her, take away hearing with the ear muffs, and lock her head in place. Good fucking luck, girl. She took just under an HOUR of this! I had to break the scene up into 4 parts and I know you’ll love it if you’re a fan of extreme tickling! I show no mercy, she has no escape, and her senses are all concentrated on her feet while I subject her to constant forms of tickling stimulus.

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