Two cute thieves got caught, taped up and left for struggling

Length – 23:43 – 1080P

The video begins with a musical scene, where the girls sneaks into the apartment looking for valuables.
In the story, two young and charming thieves decide to rob an apartment. The irony is that Astrid and Olesya don’t know each other and have never seen each other, but by coincidence, they chose the same apartment and the same time for the robbery. Of course, their meeting was a big surprise for both. Zealously looking at each other, they begin to fight for the looted property, but they didn’t know that there was another experienced thief in this apartment, who came a bit later than them…
He took both girls by surprise and tied them tightly with tape, taped their mouths around their heads, removed their shoes, exposing their feet. Then he took all the valuables and left the two thieves to struggle until the police arrived.

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