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Two girls fight over their smelly socks and feet

Megan and Daniela live together, they are both nice girls, taking a good care about themselves but these two sometimes omit one part of their hygiene – their feet. Both of them workout regularly and Megan she has just finished her training and she joins Daniela, who is just reading a book, on their joined bed. Immediately Daniela smells there is something wrong and accuses Megan her feet smell.

Megan even admits she didn’t take a shower after the training, only before and that she was lazy to take another one. But Megan is not the only messy girl here. She pretty soon discovers that the foot smell is not her’s but Daniela’s. As they both lie on the bed, head to toe, they start to fight who’s feet smell worse and they throw their own smelly dirty socks on each other. The fight soon changes into a game and they are smelling each others feet, tickle their soles and have fun over it and to honestly they also like it on another level…

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