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Length - 17:13 -
Definition - 1080P

Two sisters smelly feet tickling

Megan and Kate are sisters but Megan is younger and much more energetic and she always wants to do something and she wants it now. But her older sister would rather read a book or something and not visit every party possible. But Megan can be a real brat too, especially when she’s not getting what she wants. And right now she wants to go out with her sis and have some fun. But Kate doesn’t. So Megan starts to be bitchy, she pokes Kate’s feet, takes off her smelly socks and throws them at Kate and didn’t give her a second of peace.

When nothing is working she starts to tickle her feet and soon Kate is trying to get back at her and a little sister fight begins, mostly happening around their feet – tickling, making the other one smell their feet and just…well…if you ever had a sister you know it works. But I bet you didn’t have a sister, or two in this case, with such a sexy feet and long toes and soft soles ;-).

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