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Unbearable ticklish situation for the spanish teacher Veronica

Ticklish hysteria continues face down for the sexy spanish teacher.
This is an unbearable situation for her because she can’t see her ticklers and she explodes at each touch on her hyper sensitive body.
Veronica is crazily ticklish everywhere and she has incredible reactions as Veronique’s fingers run on her soles, toes, legs, hips, sides, underarms, back and neck.
There is absolutely no escape for her and all she can do is become insane till the tickles end.

See the laughter in her eyes as she suffers the tickling even if she seems to love it at the same time.
Veronica is laughing hysterically in between desperate cries of mercy and unstoppable giggling and squirming.
What a fantastic tickle toy and what a fantastic laughter!

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