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URBAN EXPLORER – Starring Polina

By John. Made by customer’s request

We are glad to present to you one of the most technologically sophisticated fetish films for us. This is a rather unusual clip in the thriller genre, damsel in with elements of simple bondage.
The main dialogues in the film are subtitled in English.
In the role of the victim: Polina
You can watch the trailer for this film by clicking on the preview button.

Polina is the step-daughter of a very wealthy businessman. She has a hobby, photographing the urban environment. On a typical summer day, she decides to visit an abandoned factory to make a photoshoot for her blog but she doesn’t even imagine that she has been hunted for a long time. Two attackers watched her and knew about her plans, they entered the abandoned factory earlier in order to prepare for the capturing of Polina.

The bandits knew how her step-father loved her, and they knew that he would certainly pay a large pile of money, only that not a hair would fall from the head of his beloving step-daughter. The post-industrial architecture of the plant lured Polina inside. What a pity that the naive girl couldn’t even imagine what this photoshoot would turn out for her… Enjoy!
It’s very important for us to know how you feel about such a clip. Please share your opinion from watching this film by email.

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