Vanda. Foot tickling hell


Length – 18:15

Young Vanda is securely fixed in stocks. Her legs and arms are fixed. Her body is also fixed with an additional belt strap. All her toes are tied with a string right to the stocks. She’s comfortable but completely immobilized.
The tickling starts with nylon. She wears pantyhose, and we tickle her feet through nylon with 4 hands (2 on each foot), using our fingers and various stuff like combs, sticks, and forks. Wanda is very ticklish and in this position, she simply has no place to go. Throughout the entire clip, we tickle her intensely and practically don’t give her a rest.
After some time, we tear the pantyhose and expose her bare feet, continuing to torment them with tickling.
Then a big ballgag is placed into her mouth and we continue tickling her. Vanda squeaks wildly and screams through the gag. She twitches a lot and we do not think to stop.
I think it would be correct to say that in this clip, Vanda experienced a real tickling hell on her feet.

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