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Veronika’s First Experience

I remember this like it was yesterday when Veronika told us that she could only be available on a monday night to try this amazing experience but her slave would never be able to breathe in her feet for a minute after her 9 to 5 classe! She was like, I’m sorry but my feet are just too sweaty after class to make this happen! I would be shy! We told her, let’s make a deal here: Your slave will have to breathe in your socks for 15 minutes while you chat with your boyfriend on the computer or we buy you a brand new iPhone! Sounds good? She was like OMG, can I wear my socks for 3 days in a row?

He would never survive this! That was the deal! Do I also have the right to make him lick my socks? And sniff them hard? Yes Veronika! He’ll have to obey your commands and obey! 15 minutes with your sweaty socks in his face or a brand new iPhone for you! Mmmm…What about 5 days then? Can I? I would really have fun to see him choke under my socks! (French Language)

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