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Veronique Is So Sadistic With Ellen’s Horribly Ticklish Feet

We have one more time the privilege to introduce you antoher insanely ticklish beauty.

Ellen is a professional dancer and model who is always ready for original experience so we offered her to be tickled to her limits and she accepted to do it.
She is 30 years old and her perfect body is horribly ticklish especially her gorgeous soft feet.
For her first time her bare feet are totally at the mercy of Veronique who really love to play with hyper ticklish feet like Ellen’s ones.

The beauty has a perfect laughter with extremely intensive reactions and she loses all control of herself when the hairbruses or the gloves run on her oiled soles.
She really can’t stand the tickling and it was really difficult for her to endure till the end but she was courageous and very strong even if she became insane all long the session.

By the way we have to say that Veronique is particulary sadistic with horribly ticklish feet.

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