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Length - 27:32 -
Definition - 1080P

Watch how your girlfriend is tortured” – Roksana and Lolly belly tickling

The girlfriends Roksana and Lolly sit and discuss their navel piercings. The girls wear summer clothes and don’t suspect anything that waits for them.

Suddenly, two unknowns pounce on the girls and quickly bind them. Before that, they pulled off Roksana’s clothes and she remains in her underwear, and Lolly is ordered to stand at the crossbar tied and watch.

When Roksana is hogtied, she was transferred to a bench and laid on her side, belly forward. Now criminals enjoy her piercing and tickle and torture her beautiful belly. Roksana has a ball gag in her mouth and she moos and laughs through it. Maniacs rejoice Roxana’s beautiful belly, bite him, poke the navel and pull the piercing.
One of them comes up to Lolly and says that now it’s her turn. One of the guys (the biggest one) unties Lolly and now Roksana has to watch. The long-legged girl will now watch the torment of her girlfriend.

Lolly is now also stripped to her underwear — there is the ball gag in her mouth, she is tied and moans and laughs at the hands of villains running over her belly. They touch her belly and slap it. They tickle her belly cruelly.
Now, when the maniacs enjoyed the torture of their bellies, they leave the girls alone and Roksana tried to free Lolly from the fetters.

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