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We met inaya & her terrifyingly ticklish feet

Once again we met a girl who is as ticklish as she is beautiful and we offered her the first real tickling experience of her life.
This new beauty is 23 years old and she is terrifyingly ticklish on every inch of her body but you will never forget her feet after watching this clip.
She introduces herself during the interview at the beginning of the clip (with english subtitles) then after answering a few questions she is immobilzed in our special “Soles Up” device for an extremely intensive bare feet tickling.

The tickling begins slowly and gradually but as soon as the tickler uses the hairbrushes.. OMG!
Inaya explodes in laughter (and the term “explode” is not exaggerated) with crazy hysteric reactions.
How is it possible that a such calm girl coud become insane at this point when her milky soles are tormented ?

This session is crazy and this is why she absolutely deserves her “Hyper Ticklish Feet Label”.
Enjoy and sorry if you have trouble falling resting after watching this video.

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