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We Offered the Hyper Ticklish Camily to Our Friend Tickler

Definition - 720P
Length - 15:19


After 1 year the sexy Camily is back for a new laughing experience in the hands of our friend tickler. She’s still hyper ticklish all over and this fantastic position allow our friend to tickle all her most sensitive areas.

The fact that she has not been tickled for a long period makes her particulary sensitive and she is the perfect tickle toy for the maximum fun.
Camily can’t stand being tickled but she really enjoys it at the same time so she regulary incitates the guy to tickle her even more and her reactions are very arousing.
The tickler plays with all her upperbody, neck, legs, knees and with her extra ticklish helpless feet of course.

At some moments the FT Tickler joins the action for an unbearable tickle torture with 4 hands.
We love this super ticklish girl who has as much fun as we do.

are you over 18?

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