Wiam and Myriam enjoy a Sweet Revenge on their Tormentor


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Wiam and Myriam have suffer way enough, they have deserved a revenge ! The tickler is now put on the stocks and strapped strongly, with his toes tied and blindfolded. He is gonna face the girls’s devilness ! Myriam starts on his sides while Wiam tickles his feet, and the poor boy gets a double dose of his medicine ! The girls are so happy to have a shot at their tormentor, they are litterally in heaven !

They use every technique the tickler learn them against him ! The brush, the toothbrush, they ain’t spare him anything ! He is not exactly the loud kind of victim but you can see that he is suffering – while the girls are laughing of his pain ! They switch place at about half of the scene, so each of them can tickle the hell out of the tickler !

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