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What a Girl Wants

Definition - 1080P
Length - 04:29


Once in a great while, a model comes along that’s so amazing, you just can’t help but thank the gods that you were blessed to be in her presence. For me, that model is Jennifer. Jennifer is, in every sense of the word, a Goddess; ridiculously sexy, and even more ridiculously ticklish, she starts her tenure here at Sole Mates with a (not literal, in spite of it all) bang; after having been tickled for a solid hour, she tells me to put a blindfold on her “so I can’t see where you tickle me next”. What follows is a totally hot scenario where I forbid her from moving or lowering her arms as I exploit her belly, feet, and underarms with my devious, devious fingernails. Does she end the experience by shouting her safeword? Maaaaaaaybe. You’ll just have to buy it and find out!

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