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Kelly the Extremely Ticklish Beauty Is Pushed to Her Limits : Full

Definition - 720P
Length - 22:17


Kelly is a particular 22 years old model because she contacted us due to the fact she has a real bondage fetish and that she loves to be a submissive for fetish games. She explained us she discovered our website a few time ago with by friend to her and that she would be very interested to endure a very intensive tickling experience. I asked her if she were very ticklish and she answered me that I will not be disappointed. Wow! Interesting proposition then I meet her a few days after for an audition and…effectively we can say she is ticklish 😉 Her feet are really hypersensitive and every touch on her gorgeous soles and toes breaks her. We naturally decided to immobilize her face down on our new device for a merciless full body tickle . She wants a good punishment no problems, this is her turn now to not be disappointed by us.

The experience begins with a very long and intensive bare feet tickling. Kelly was really surprised at the level of tickling she got but she really enjoyed the situation as us. This video is a real intensive punishment with an explosively ticklish submissive. She can wiggle, She can giggle, But she can’t stop her feet from being tickled and the poor girl is going insane with laughter during 14 long minutes! You’ll see the intensity in her face as the fingers, hairbrushes, electric toothbrushes run on her helpless soles and toes.

Kelly can’t stand to be tickled but more it tickles and more she loves it this situation is a delight to watch. Dreams don’t have to stay dreams this is the SUPERTICKLISH KELLY!

The Tickler attacks now Kelly‘s sexy upperbody. The beauty is tied up on her stomach so that she can be tickled everywhere without mercy. This is great because her sides and underarms are as ticklish as her feet and the fountain of laughter continues here. Kelly is tickled so hard by the guy that she is unable to stop laughing until she goes nuts.

The Tickler explores the hyperticklish body and discovers the most ticklish spots. It tickles like crazy without mercy! In the final two minutes you’ll see Kelly interviewed about her impressions.

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