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When your neighbour is a Fetish Maniac – Capturing of blonde Klavdia and long tickling

Definition - 1080P
Length - 36:10


Klavdia is resting at home at night and watching TV. Suddenly she receives a message from an unknown person:
– How are you, dear?
– Who is it? Where did you get my number?
– I am your friend Klavdia and I have one question for you…
– What?! What question?!
– Do you like to be tickled?
– What!?
– I bet you’re very ticklish!
– What the hell?! Fuck you! Never text me again!


With these words, Klavdia freaks out, throws the phone, and leaves the room. When she returns, she receives a call:
– Hi Klavdia, are you ready for our long night?
– What, what kind of night?! Who is it!? Hey! Hey!?

While Klavdia was at a loss, her crazy neighbor sneaks up from behind and knocks her out. Then he ties her up on the sofa in the twilight and drags her to his lair.


When he brought her, Klavdia was still knocked out, the maniac ties her to a massage table, and gets ready to enjoy the tickling of her beautiful body. He takes off her socks and begins to tickle them, from this Klavdia wakes up and laughs.
Then he moves to Klavdia’s armpits and she laughs sweetly as if no one had tickled her before. She is hysterical and laughs more and more while the captor digs into her armpits. Then he goes back to her feet and tickles them for a long time.


Then he tickles Klavdia’s armpits again and knocks her out. He ties her up to the bed to enjoy her armpits and belly. He tickles them with a feather, hands, and a brush. Klavdia can do nothing to stop laughing.
Then the offender moves to her feet and tickles them with his hands and a brush.
In the end, he knocks Klavdia out again, and she falls on the bed, here he unties his ticklish captive.
He wraps Klavdia in a cocoon so that only her feet stick out from under the blanket. He tickles her feet slowly with a feather, and Klavdia bursts into laughter. Then he sniffs her toes and tickles her again with his hands. She can’t stand that so he finally knocks her out and left happy.

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