Young girl next door loves to have her insanely ticklish soles tickled


Length – 14:22

Margot is a sexy young girl next door we met a few week ago and who said us that she enjoyed being tickled especially on her insanely ticklish feet.

Wow this was a real incitation for tickle fun and this 19 years old student accepted immediately to be mercilessly tickled till she goes crazy. What a fantastic meeting so we invited her in our studio for a memorable laughing session.

Margot introduces herself during an interview with english subtitles at the beginning of the clip and after that she’s immobilized with her milky soles up and at the mercy of the tickler.

Her feet are as ticklish as they’re beautiful and margot has a great communicative and explosive laughter.
She really has super ticklish feet but she loves that even if it drives her crazy and she regulary asks for more long and more intensive tickling.

is a sexy student with hyper ticklish feet and with a real love of tickling.

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