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You're Welcome Ticklish Darlene : Full

Length – 19:20 – 720P

We’re proud to introduce you a new 20 years old ticklish brunette. Darlene is a funny girl who is not afraid at the idea to be tied and tickled but who didn’t imagine before her experience with us how she was ticklish. Unfortunately for her she realized too late that it tickles so much and that she can’t stop it until it ends. You’ll love her amazing reactions when the brushes run on her perfect feet. One more delicious young student with soft and super ticklish soles only for you.

The Tickler attacks Darlene’s vulnerable upperbody without mercy here. He discovers her most ticklish spots (especially her neck and underarms) and gives her a great punishment. Darlene can’t stand it but she has no ways to escape the tickling fingers on her extremely ticklish body. The poor girl is tickled so hard by the guys that she explodes litteraly at some moments. Look at her face and you will see her suffering.

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