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Zhaklin suffers from intense feet and upper body tickling while hogtied

0% of foot tickling and 30% of upper body tickling

Young Zhaklin has gypsy roots. She’s 19 yo and tries tickling for the first time. And hogtie of course.
She didn’t expect that her feet will be tickled with a hair comb! And she wiggles as hell when I do it. She squeals, moans, whines, swears at me and even jokes. I don’t care and tickle her feet while she begs me for mercy.
I also tickle her upper body, and she wiggles and yells from that. Her body is ticklish! It was hard to tickle her sometimes because of wiggling and I wish I will tie her tighter next time.
Zhaklin gets tired from the ropes but it didn’t seem to bother her. She goes crazy from another thing – it’s tickling…

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